Installation Guide

If you need a hosting plan with adequate resources for this project, please check out this host. Hosting for this website is $7.99/month.
    1. Download 
    2. Unzip the .zip files.  Extract all the files from the "articles" directory and upload them to your public_html folder (home directory). articles/index.php will be your articles index page.  Please be patient this will take quite a bit of time. There are very big files in the dump folder. That should take a long time to upload.
    3. Create a new database and call it anything you like; for Example: "xyz". Write down the database name, username and password. The database name will usually be something like username_xyz
    4. Now upload the db_structure.sql file (from the Entire Collection Files folder) into the database you have created or chosen to use. To do this go From within the MySql page of you hosting account and click on phpMyAdmin.
    From the next page select the database you have just created (xyz) and then click
    on SQL. Copy the contents of db_structure.sql file into the box called Run
    SQL query/queries on database and then click go, this will create the tables
    required for your database.

       5. Open the file /dump/bigdump.php file into a text editor.
           change the section that looks like:

$db_server   = "localhost"; // Most of the time you don't need to change this line.      Contact your hosting company to find out.
$db_name     = "database_name";           // insert database name
$db_username = "database_username";  // insert database user name
$db_password = "database password";   // insert database password

         With the database information you just created.

      6.  Set Chmod permissions  

          dump set to 777

To set chmod permissions of this folder in your FTP software ... right click with your mouse on the folder you wish to change

select "properties" at the very bottom of the box that will open.

Now enter 777 in the number box or check all squares

    7.  Now that your database structure is set-up and your categories have been inserted, it's time to upload your 20 article database files (ie. 0000-2500.sql, 2501-5000.sql, etc...). Using your web browser go to:
    Click on "Start import". That should upload your articles into your database.  After you finish importing each file go back using your browser and start importing the next file until you finish all the files. 
    8.  After all your article database files have been uploaded to your MySQL database, you need to edit your includes/config.php file so you can connect to your database. Open includes/config.php and fill in the proper database settings for $host, $dbUser, $dbPass and $dbName.

    9.  There are 4 more required changes you must make to your config.php file to get your site working correctly. The variables appear below the database connection variables. You must fill in the correct values for PATH, FULL_PATH, DEPTH_OF_SCRIPT and SITE_NAME.

    10.  Don't forget to change the following ad codes to match your account: includes/ad_center.php, includes/ad_left.php, includes/ad_right.php, includes/ad_top.php, includes/ad_search.php (Also, change to your site name in this file)

    That's it. Your site should be up and running. Now you can tweak ad placement, description lengths and article display attributes in the includes/config.php file. You can make style changes in the style.css file or add additional articles and RSS feeds from the page.
    NOTE: Your "admin" directory is not password-protected by default. You should password-protect that directory using your web hosting control panel or remove it when you are not using it.
    IMPORTANT: delete the dump folder and all its contents from the web-server after you are done.